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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Horse Rescue United Update

Readers of this blog have previously been introduced to Horse Rescue United (HRU), a horse rescue founded by standardbred trainer Anouk Busch who uses her spare time to work with HRU volunteers in rehabilitating, training horses for a new career, as well as working to get HRU’s horses adopted.  Many of her horses come from owner surrenders or via horse auctions as HRU has at times gone to places such as New Holland, PA to bid on and purchase horses so the kill buyers are unable to get the horses.  This article provides an update on what is going on with this horse rescue.

While HRU specializes in standardbred rescues, they will help other breeds of horses as well.  I had previously discussed Trolley, a horse that had a hole in her face with a sock glued in which HRU rescued from the Camelot horse auction in Cranbury, NJ and has since been adopted out as well as Tristan, a Belgian Draft horse saved from the kill buyers at New Holland for $35 who turned out to have cancer in his eye.  A trip to New Bolton had veterinarians determining the cancer spread to his bones and gave Tristan a 3-6 month life expectancy.  Well, jumping ahead more than a year and a half later and with the cancerous eye removed, Tristan is still around, with a safe home at HRU for the rest of his life.

Their latest acquisition is another Belgian Draft horse named Hailey who was formerly owned by a person who had been brought to court for animal neglect recently on another horse.  When she arrived at HRU, it was clear she was in need of rehabilitation.   

Hailey before (l) and Hailey after (r)

Hailey (l) and Tristan (r)

Adoption applications for Hailey are now being accepted although she won’t be adopted out until she gains more weight and is evaluated under saddle.  However, there are other horses available for adoption now, such as these two standardbreds.


Cookie's Kid

Since I last discussed HRU, they have been granted 501(c)3 status by the Internal Revenue Service so all donations made now are tax-deductable as permitted by law.  You may read more about Horse Rescue United and see the other horses available for adoption at HRU’s website or you may visit HRU on Facebook where updates are regularly posted on the progress of HRU’s horses, including their alumni in their new homes.

While the work of HRU is important to me, it is important to note there are other horse rescues out there which do good work.  I hope to be able to highlight some of the other smaller rescues out there helping standardbreds in the near future. 

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