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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shocker in Paris

Oyonnax, driven by driver Sebastian Emault won the 2010 Prix d'Amerique today in an upset of epic proportions, paying 172.5 Euros (paying $36.40 in the United States which had its own wagering pools).  Second in the race was another longshot, Quaker Jet.  Finishing third was last year's race winner Meaulnes du Corta,  The mile rate for the race was 1:56.2.

A more complete story about the race may be found here.

Here is some unedited video from today's race.


NJAW promoted having the Prix d'Amerique simulcast on their wagering program today.  Unfortunately, they did not make a program available to their customers and by the time wagering opened for the big race, the wagering was over.  As for the video?  That was not available either at race time.  And they wonder why events like this are poorly wagered on.

In other news, it seems like last year's most prolific owner, Bulletproof Enterprises has been sidelined, perhaps permanently by the Ontario Racing Commission and the USTA.  Some people were wondering what took things so long, but unfotunately, until certain things became public the regulatory agencies likely had to bide their time to act. 

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riceownz2 said...

Thanks for posting the video. I love how they have a camera on one of the race bikes. That is a great idea for here in the states.
Also just watching this video, they have a ton of different race bikes over their. I wonder how much of a difference they make.